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In the last century, everyone knew about the "money issue." Major political campaigns were fought over it from the time of the Revolution up until the Presidential election of 1896--William (pro-Gold) McKinley vs. William Jennings (pro-Silver/"Cross of Gold") Bryan. McKinley--and gold--won, and the matter was thought to have been settled. As more fully explained in FAME's Fight for Honest Monetary Weights and Measures brochure, even when President Roosevelt arbitrarily seized all of our citizens gold in 1933, unilaterally erasing the gold clause from all existing contracts and reneging on the Government's promise to redeem its obligations in gold, that evening, in one of his famous "Fireside Chats," he flatly stated "This currency is not fiat currency." 

Since that time, Americans and others all over the world have been dumbed down on the money issue. Not only do the "Baby Boomers" know little of these matters, but their children, "Generation X," have never even heard the phrase "fiat money." There is a burning need to bring people up the learning curve about the money issue. Otherwise, when our fraudulent fiat monetary system collapses, the blame will be placed on scapegoats, as is now occurring all over the world: "crony capitalists" in East Asia; "currency speculators" in Indonesia; and "The Jews" in Malaysia.  

The publications listed below are a particularly good place to start. Most are easy-to-read monographs, some of which appear full text either in html or in pdf format on this website.  Those by Messrs. Ewart, Griffin and Dr. Rothbard are full length books. While FAME maintains and will in the future display a bibliography containing hundreds of sources (along with full text on more than 100), those listed below are among the best and we recommend that you start with these. If you have any questions or comments about any of the material contained therein, please don't hesitate to write us.





United States Senate Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933
United States Senate Coinage Act of 1862
United States Senate Senate Report 93-549 War and Emergency Powers Acts
Vieira, Jr., Edwin PIECES of EIGHT: THE legal history of the United States of America’s monetary system.

Fekete, Antal E.

Whither Gold

Greenspan, Alan

"Gold And Economic Freedom"; (see Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal by Ayn Rand)

Griffin, Edward

The Creature from Jekyll Island: 
A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

Lips, Ferdinand Gold Wars: The Battle Against Sound Money As Seen From A Swiss Perspective (Book)

Parks, Lawrence M.

The Oncoming Monetary Collapse and the 
Fight for Honest Money

Parks, Lawrence M.

What Does Mr. Greenspan Really Think?  (Book)

Parks, Lawrence M. What the President Should Know about our Monetary System

Paterson, Isabel B.

Why Real Money is Indispensible

Roosevelt, Franklin D.

First Inaugural Address of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt, Franklin D. White House Statement on Proclamation 2072

Rothbard, Murray N.

The Case Against The Fed; Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama

Vieira, Jr., Edwin

"Approaching the Crossroads: 
The American System Or The Corporative State?"

Vieira, Jr., Edwin

"Constitutional Authority Of The States And The President To Intervene On Behalf Of Sound Money"

Vieira, Jr., Edwin

The Constitutional Imperative In Reform Of The Monetary & Banking System

Vieira, Jr., Edwin

"The Forgotten Role Of The Constitution In Monetary Law"

Vieira, Jr., Edwin

To Regulate The Value Of Money: Analysis Of Power Of Government To Create And Set A Value Of Money

Vieira, Jr., Edwin

What Is A "Dollar"? An Historical Analysis Of The Fundamental Question In Monetary Policy

Vieira, Jr., Edwin

Why Does The United States Need Constitutional Money?


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